Important Info

We specialize in Swedish Relaxation Massage.

We have highly trained and qualified male and female Massage Technicians.

We do not offer Deep Tissue Massage, Pregnancy Massage or Physiotherapy. And we are not able to accommodate clients with severe injuries or severe medical conditions.

Our massages generally will not be covered by Health Benefits or Insurance Plans.

Unfortunately, even though a majority of our clients are couples, our facility not set up to offer a specific Couples Massage.

Minimum age is 12. Ages 12-18 must have a parent or guardian sign a waiver.

Even though we require a credit card to hold your booking, we do not charge your credit card anything at the time of the booking. Your credit card will only be charged if you no-show or breach our cancellation policy.

You are still required to pay at the end of your session.

24 Hour Cancellation Policy

As per the agreement at the time you book, we will charge your credit card in full if you no-show or cancel within 24 hours.

This policy completely reasonable, fair and considerate. As I’m sure you will agree, it is not fair for these hard working massage technicians to come into work and then the customers just not show up.

Hours of Operation

Open Seven days a week
Including Holidays*


Please note that the last booking for a 1.5 hour massage is at 9:15pm

*We close at 6pm on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve

Our Mission Statement

To offer high quality massage at a price an average person can afford.

Our philosophy has always been and we have always believed that massage should be for everyone not just the rich or people with insurance coverage. Reduce pain, relieve tension and speed up your recovery at Aviva Wellness Massage Spa!

We offer a high quality Swedish Style Relaxation Massage at a very reasonable price, well below all the fancy hotel spas. Sometimes you just want a great massage without paying extra for all the hoity-toity ambience you will never notice or use.

If you are looking for the full foofoo spa experience we might not be your best option, but if you are looking for an amazing massage at an amazing price…you have come to the right place!

We highly recommend the 1.5 hour session!

The problem is you will get spoiled and never want to do just a 1 hour massage again.

Our goal and mission has always been to offer an amazing quality product at an amazing price. But, In a concerted effort to attract new and talented staff and especially to retain our existing amazingly talented Massage Technicians, we unfortunately have no choice but to raise our rates slightly to be competitive in the marketplace.

That being said, our 1.5hr Swedish Relaxation Massage is still the best priced massage in Whistler!

On Special!

1.5 Hour Massage Session


Approx $93 USD

For Aromatherapy add $10

We also offer 1 Hour Massage Sessions for $94.99 (Approx $73 USD*), but we highly recommend getting an extra 30 minutes for only $25 more!

*USD Prices Calculated off current 1.3 x CAD exchange rate.

To Book Call: 1-604-905-4442

We recommend that you book a day or two in advance, as we book out quickly.

More Info

Massages help to loosen up and relax your muscles before and after you ski or snowboard! Reduce and relieve pain and speed up recovery! Our ski and snow-board massages targets the muscles you use during those activities! We also cater for biking and hiking muscle sets – targeting the muscles you use most on the mountain. Come and have a relaxing spa massage in our clean and professional environment.

More Info

Reception Desk and Access through The Whistler Barbershop, across from the Movie Theaters and The Mongolie Grill. There are car parking lots available around the village however our spa is accessible on foot. Enter through the Whistler Barber Shop/Castros to enter Aviva Wellness Massage Spa!

Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes early for your session to fill out the paperwork. If you arrive late, your massage will still end at the originally booked time as there may be another customer booked in directly after you. Once you are here, get ready as quickly as possible when starting the massage so you can receive the maximum length of massage possible. Massages will end approximately 2 mins before the end of the session.

We do not offer Deep Tissue Massage or Physiotherapy at this time.

Our Massage Technicians specialize in Swedish Relaxation Massage and are not RMTs

We are unable to massage people with major injuries or who are pregnant.

We are not a full service spa and only offer Swedish Relaxation Massage.

Our facility is not able to accommodate Couples Massage.

Although we take credit cards to hold your booking you must still pay at the end of your session.

Contact Us

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have, but all bookings must be made over the phone at 1-604-905-4442.